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The clever cryptography behind Apple’s “Find My” feature

You can track down your stolen MacBook, but no one else can—not even Apple.
Publish Date: 6/6/2019
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Windows 10 May 2019 Update now rolling out to everyone… slowly

Unless you explicitly want it installed, you probably won't get this update.
Publish Date: 5/21/2019
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>20,000 Linksys routers leak historic record of every device ever connected

Linksys said it fixed flaw in 2014. Researcher Troy Mursch disagrees.
Publish Date: 5/18/2019
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The radio navigation planes use to land safely is insecure and can be hacked

Radios that sell for $600 can spoof signals planes use to find runways.
Publish Date: 5/15/2019
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New speculative execution bug leaks data from Intel chips’ internal buffers

Intel-specific vulnerability was found by researchers both inside and outside the company.
Publish Date: 5/14/2019
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Bloomberg alleges Huawei routers and network gear are backdoored

Details are scarce, but the "backdoor" appears to be benign.
Publish Date: 4/30/2019
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Password1, Password2, Password3 no more: Microsoft drops password expiration rec

For years, Microsoft's baseline security policy has expired passwords after 60 days.
Publish Date: 4/25/2019
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McAfee joins Sophos, Avira, Avast—the latest Windows update breaks them all

A range of fixes and workarounds have been published.
Publish Date: 4/19/2019
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Hackers could read non-corporate, Hotmail for six months

Hackers and Microsoft seem to disagree on key details of the hack.
Publish Date: 4/15/2019
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To catch a drug thief, hospital secretly recorded births, women’s surgeries

81 women claim their privacy was violated as hospital tried to trap a drug thief.
Publish Date: 4/3/2019
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Woman from China, with malware in tow, illegally entered Trump’s Mar-a-Lago

Event raises serious questions about security practices of the US Secret Service.
Publish Date: 4/3/2019
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How Microsoft found a Huawei driver that opened systems to attack

Monitoring systems were looking for attacks using technique popularized by the NSA.
Publish Date: 3/26/2019
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Microsoft ships antivirus for macOS as Windows Defender becomes Microsoft Defender

Microsoft is expanding the reach of its device management services.
Publish Date: 3/21/2019
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Google, Microsoft work together for a year to figure out new type of Windows flaw

Researcher finds building blocks for privilege escalation: Can they be assembled to create a flaw?
Publish Date: 3/18/2019
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Epic says its Game Store is not spying on you

But Sweeney says it will stop accessing Steam friends lists without permission.
Publish Date: 3/15/2019
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An email marketing company left 809 million records exposed online

150GB database included mortgage amounts, info on credit ratings.
Publish Date: 3/9/2019
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The rise of tech-worker activism

Video: Leigh Honeywell created Never Again pledge and a company devoted to tech-worker safety.
Publish Date: 3/1/2019
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Microsoft’s latest security service uses human intelligence, not artificial

Computers are good at processing vast amounts of data, but humans still have their uses.
Publish Date: 2/28/2019
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Google: Software is never going to be able to fix Spectre-type bugs

Researchers also devise a Spectre-like attack with no known mitigation.
Publish Date: 2/23/2019
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Mandatory update coming to Windows 7, 2008 to kill off weak update hashes

Microsoft is phasing out SHA-1 hashes on its patches.
Publish Date: 2/19/2019
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