Off the Beaten Path at ISC West

Blog Date:  5/17/2018
Author:  Ray Coulombe
Category(s):  Advanced Technology, Product Technology

Secure Access + Device Monitoring
ReconaSense is an A.I. based security management platform which treats everything–humans, devices, events—as a data point. It evaluates data based on risk level to prompt an appropriate response in real-time when required. Think of it as high-tech sensor fusion feeding a really smart brain for making timely intelligent decisions.

CommTunnel provides an appliance for remote secure VPN access. With a box at each end of a VPN tunnel, the system secures an entire inside environment including older legacy devices, such as SCADA systems and creates a “virtual enclave”. Devices at the terminus points use a USB key, such that the withdrawal of the key can instantly kill the tunnel and isolate the enclave. While not discussing their encryption in detail, it was said to employ layer 2 over layer 3 encrypted tunneling technology.

Exero is purpose-built specifically for security network device monitoring. John Palumbo and David Fernandez created this product that utilizes various discovery and other protocols, as well as leverages information available in devices. Exero can identify device issues and causes, and, in some cases, predict failures before they happen. They have proven and field-tested compatibility with a number of security manufacturers and have successfully integrated with the SecuriKeep asset management system.

Both Conekt and Nedap’s MACE platforms are mobile access credential systems. Conekt Wallet App allows credentials to be stored on a smartphone and to communicate with compatible readers via 2.4 GHz BLE with strong encryption. MACE communicates with its readers via NFC, Bluetooth, or provisioned QR codes.

Viakoo had an amazing Camera Firmware Update Manager, allowing automated trusted firmware updates across multiple camera and VMS vendors. They also displayed Viakoo Predictive, a performance monitoring system that identifies device issues, prompts resolution, enforces cyber hygiene, and issues compliance and audit reports.

Razberi’s CameraDefense is an automated camera hardening system which includes whitelisting, weak or default password identification and integrated virus/malware protection.

Veracity demonstrated a couple of useful little boxes: LinkLock disconnects power and signal from cameras powered via coax in the event of tampering. TimeNet is a low-cost device, receiving its time base via GPS, to provide a common NTP time base across the network.

The VideoTec’s WASEX system is a stainless-steel explosion-proof washing system for camera housings/lenses in severe environments. This product looks like it could survive anywhere.

Cloud-based VMS
Surveillus Networks teamed up with my old colleagues, Mark Lewis and Dan Hearn, from SyPixx Networks to develop an array of security solutions for cloud-based VMS, including recording and storage for the gaming industry.

FireKing (while not exhibiting at ISC West, they are partnered with Surveillus) demonstrated a VMS with tight integration to point-of-sale systems, smart safes, and IoT devices providing business intelligence and virtual store management to retail establishments. Umbo Computer Vision also displayed a sophisticated cloud-based VMS with AI-based analytics.

IPConfigure took top honors in the New Product Showcase, with its Orchid VMS application, which can provision a VMS on an Axis camera via the AXIS Camera Application Platform (ACAP). Multiple VMS instances can be federated and centrally managed at an enterprise level.

AI and the IoT
Two companies I visited specialize in video content search using AI: Vintra and Viisights.

Vintra’s Fulcrum AI cuts search times drastically using its AI-based algorithms—nearly any video can be dropped into the system and searched for faces (e.g., comparing with a photo), gender, clothing, and vehicles.

Viisights works with live video, providing non-traditional analytics, including behavior.

LEEDARSON is a Chinese company whose 100-page catalog made me realize just how far connected devices for the home have come, particularly when you realize that the Zigbee Alliance embraces 100’s more suppliers with devices that reach even beyond the home. In addition to the LEEDARSON multi-protocol gateway, which bridges WiFi, Zigbee, and Z-wave, devices include a rich array of lighting and lighting control, environmental sensors, and security devices.

Taplock is a padlock that uses fingerprints instead of keys or combinations and has an available app—I might even buy this for myself!

Clearly, cyber, AI, analytics, network and cloud services were to be found throughout, with lots of other cool stuff to boot. Congrats to SIA and Reed Expo for staging a great event!


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