Company Overview

Veracity manufactures surveillance storage systems, industry-leading IP transmission devices, IP camera installation tools, POE and EOC adapters and extenders, and direct-to-storage products. We developed the world's only storage system specifically designed for IP video surveillance data. We collaborate with IP camera manufacturers and surveillance industry companies world-wide to develop innovative solutions.

Product Areas

Storage Systems for IP Video Surveillance

Storage Systems for IP Video Surveillance Logo

Veracity has developed a range of storage systems designed specifically for IP video surveillance. The surveillance storage systems are aimed particularly at storage of mega-pixel video and long-archive time applications. Our unique, sequential filing system (SFS) was developed specifically for the COLDSTORE Surveillance Storage System and delivers significant benefits. Combine this with COLDSTORE's Linear Array of Idle Disks (LAID) COLDSTORE provides extremely high disk reliability, high capacity and reduced disk costs with a 90% power saving versus RAID. Our logical approach is fundamentally different from the average storage systems available on the market.
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VIEWSCAPE Integrated Security Application Program

VIEWSCAPE Integrated Security Application Program Logo

VIEWSCAPE is an integrated Command + Control platform designed primarily for security control rooms. It blends all the core functions required in a busy security control room environment.
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Ethernet over Coax, POE over Coax devices

Ethernet over Coax, POE over Coax devices Logo

Veracity's HIGHWIRE Ethernet over coax devices enable you to replace analogue video surveillance installations with digital IP cameras effortlessly. HIGHWIRE transforms up to 1000 feet (300 metres) of regular RG-59 coaxial cable into a full-bandwidth LAN connection, eliminating the time, expense and risk of laying new Cat 5 network cable. Designed especially for IP video installers, HIGHWIRE-enabled devices are compact and wall-mountable. Automatic configuration and universal power input makes installation simple, and Power over Ethernet (POE) power is available for instant connection to IP and Megapixel cameras.
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Ethernet and POE devices

Ethernet and POE devices Logo

Network extension with distributed POE, only from Veracity. Using Power over Ethernet (POE) technology, IP video and network installers can overcome the 100 metre (328 feet) limit of Cat5e and Cat6 Ethernet connections. Veracity's OUTREACH family of network extenders simply connect in-line with the installed cable to instantly extend network range to double - or even several times - this limit. There are 8 variants of OUTREACH extender, OUTREACH Max, OUTREACH Lite, OUTREACH Max XT, OUTREACH Lite XT, OUTREACH Max G, OUTREACH Lite G, OUTREACH Max GXT, OUTREACH Lite GXT. IP cameras, wireless access points and any other network devices can now be located just where they are needed, with no need to install new electrical cable. Contact Veracity to help choose the right device for your requirements.
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IP Video Camera and DVR Integration Devices

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Veracity's network video integration range takes the pain out of installing IP surveillance systems. TIMENET Pro is an essential component of any DVR or NVR installation, as it delivers an atomic reference clock to synchronise recordings to, in a unique compact and low-cost package. CAMSWITCH PLUS is a range of compact POE switches designed for IP cameras with universal power input. CAMSWITCH MOBILE is a range of low-voltage POE switches which convert 12 or 24V DC power to 4 or 8 ports of 802.3af/at POE. Delivering reliable POE power to IP cameras is easy with CAMSWITCH, even if only a low-voltage supply is available.
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IP Camera Installation Tools

IP Camera Installation Tools Logo

Network camera installation is made easy - and fast - thanks to Veracity's range of proven accessories for IP video installers. PINPOINT is a remarkably simple solution to a problem that is fundamental to POE network camera installation. Compact, tough and inexpensive, it is an essential part of any IP installer's toolkit. POINTSOURCE Plus is a rechargeable, portable, battery-powered POE injector for IP cameras specifically designed to make installation, site surveys, demonstration and test work simple and fast. Also available in a wireless version, POINTSOURCE Wireless.
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Veracity Power Supplies

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Veracity Power Supplies give the optimum amount of power required for Veracity IP transmission products. The Product Datasheets contain technical specifications about each product as well as an overview of its function and how it can be used. Suitable power supplies are listed on each of the product datasheets. You can also find a list of associated IP transmission products on the power supply datasheets.
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