Seneca (Arrow Electronics)

Company Overview

Arrow, exclusive provider of Seneca products, is a leading manufacturer of compute and storage technology for the physical security market with a full line of specialized solutions that are optimized, certified and guaranteed with leading VMS platforms. The Seneca product offers servers, clients, storage, analytics, video wall controllers, and management software. The product leverages our IP expertise, manufacturing experience and partnerships to deliver an outstanding customer experience through configuration and set-up, pre-sales and post-sales support and ecosystem partners that make deployment easier for our customers.

Vertical Markets

City Surveillance

City Surveillance Logo

City surveillance projects are getting more and more popular as cities have an increasing need to protect the public by aiding law enforcement with security footage in large metropolitan areas. It is essential to have a solid security and surveillance system in place in order to decrease crime, prioritize events, improve city management, and investigate events. When working on a city surveillance project, you must consider where the solution will be deployed. Many city surveillance projects may need a solution that needs to live outside. If that is the case, you must consider a solution that is rugged and can endure these types of environments.
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Surveillance for Retail

Surveillance for Retail Logo

One of the primary goals of any retail store's digital security and surveillance deployment is loss prevention. Inventory shrinkage comes as a result of employee or customer theft. In 2008, an estimated 44% of inventory shrinkage was due to employee theft, totaling over $15.9 billion dollars, another 35% was due to shoplifting, totaling over $12.7 billion. A robust video surveillance solution helps prevent instances of employee or customer theft providing real time intelligence to spot suspicious activity before it happens. In the event of theft, the captured video streams become important resources for the investigation and suspect identification. With the adoption of IP-based security surveillance solutions, video management software and security analytics packages provide retailers will additional capabilities such customer counting. Being able to count the number of customers coming entering and exiting a store at given times can give direct indication for staffing. Surveillance solutions also allow retailers to monitor cash operations, determine when inventory needs to be replenished, and examine effectiveness of promotions and displays.
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Surveillance for Entertainment & Sports Areneas

Surveillance for Entertainment & Sports Areneas Logo

Sports Arenas are at high risk for criminal activity with the large volume of people attending each game. Enterprise video surveillance solutions are essential in all sports arenas to ensure the safety of fans, employees, assets, and players. How Sport Stadiums Can Benefit from a Properly Sized Video Surveillance Solution: - Crowd Control: Actively monitor crowds throughout the game to prevent fights or criminal activity. This information can also be valuable to properly staff security personnel. -Player and Fan Protection: Creating a safe environment for everyone is always a top priority. Surveillance cameras can monitor the playing areas and crowd areas to alert any suspicious activity. - Entry and Exit Control: There are large volumes of people trying to get in and out of an area at the beginning and end of sporting events. Surveillance solutions can ensure this is a safe environment. If not, post-event alerts can be notified to security guards to properly protect the danger areas.
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Surveillance for Resturants

Restaurants face a variety of security challenges every day; from a constantly changing customer base to high employee turnover. Quick Serve Restaurants, fine dining restaurants, and sports bars/restaurants all have video surveillance needs to help prevent: employee theft, employee waste, customer theft, customer fraud, and customer violence. Many QSRs operate in humid, greasy environments, creating additional challenges for surveillance equipment. Seneca has solutions designed to operate in these environments. A surveillance system will do nothing if it is down from overheat. Seneca has a solution to withstand these conditions and continue its performance under all circumstances.
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Surveillance for Energy/Utilities

Surveillance for Energy/Utilities Logo

In an environment where work is surrounded by hazardous conditions and chemicals, security is constantly on the minds of workers and managers. In these environments the demand for a reliable security system in essential. Security solutions from Seneca are able to assist in this market by immediately responding to emergency events, accounting for people and property assets, and monitoring safety practices of visitors and employees.
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Surveillance for Hospitals

Surveillance for Hospitals Logo

Healthcare has a high demand for a surveillance system that is operating 24/7/365. With the constantly amount of activity, hospitals need to ensure the safety of their staff and patients. There are many different areas within a hospital that require proper protection and safety including parking lots, waiting areas, operating room, and patient rooms. - Administrating medicine to patients with the proper medication and dose - Monitoring patients room with alerts for emergency response - Review of surveillance to examine incidents - Prevention of crime with alerts for suspicious behavior
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Surveillance for Education

Surveillance for Education Logo

Education institutions depend on digital security and surveillance systems to provide safety and security to foster a better educational environment for students, teachers, administration and support staff. From the bus, to the campus, and throughout academic and administration buildings, video surveillance is an effective deterrent that helps to decrease improper behavior, vandalism, and theft. Digital security and surveillance also provides an efficient way for security personnel to monitor the campus. Stored video storage is a valuable asset for law enforcement to take corrective action to proper review crimes and alerts for schools.
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Surveillance for Business

Companies of all sizes need to protect their employees in the workplace, their assets from vandalism, along with monitoring inventory theft. Improve your business surveillance with xVault security solutions to effectively monitor your office building, parking lots, and warehouse facilities. With solutions that scale from a small office to a large corporate campus, xVault Digital Security Surveillance products are tested with leading camera manufacturers and video management software, guaranteed to perform as designed.
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Surveillance for Casinos

Video surveillance plays a pivotal role in daily operations and safety within casinos. Gaming venues require video surveillance that can supply instant playback at high resolution in order to respond to any security alerts and protect the company's assets, revenue, and employees. Casinos consistently have a large volume of activities and guests. This constant flow of people coupled with having large sums of money around at all times, casinos can be a high target for crime and false liability claims. For this reason, casinos need to deploy hundreds to thousands of cameras throughout its facilities. These cameras send large volumes of high definition, high frame rate streams to network video recorders, guard viewing stations, and control rooms. Once captured, video management software and advanced behavior analytics packages give real time intelligence to what is happening on the property. xVault digital security surveillance solutions offer enterprise class network video recorders (NVRs), viewing stations and expanded storage appliances that are optimized, certified, and guaranteed with leading video management software packages to help ensure that your guests are safe from the time they check in to the time they check out.
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Surveillance for Finance

Banks and financial institutions continue to be appealing targets for criminals looking for a big payout. Video surveillance can help deter criminals from illegal behavior or provide law enforcement with high definition images and video to take corrective action. Banks also take great pride in creating a safe environment for their customer and employees with a surveillance solution that is properly placed in main banking areas, ATM locations, and general parking lots.
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